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Suppress Your AppetiteThe general idea of weight loss seems simple: cut calories and you will start shedding pounds immediately. While that seems like an easy task, most people run into one problem. Once you start cutting food from your diet, your stomach will inevitably protest and manifest cravings until you ultimately give in. Not to mention, the stress of dieting can cause emotional eating which can quickly sabotage and of your best laid dieting plans.

The science behind why your stomach stages a protest every time you start cutting calories goes a little something like this: when you restrict food intake (even if it’s on purpose) your body senses that food is short supply and therefore release the hormone ghrelin to entice you to chow down and alleviate that hunger your body feels.  There is good news, though! Here are some dieting tips which will help you suppress your appetite and control snacking and emotional eating.

Start Your Day With Protein

There’s a reason why doctors and nutritionists are constantly raving about lean protein. Food that contains a large amount of lean protein will keep you feeling fuller since it takes longer than any other nutrient to digest. The key to this trick is that when you eat the lean protein matters the most. A study performed by Purdue University states that eating lean protein for breakfast helps you feel fuller and more satisfied longer than if you were to eat it later in the day. The goal is to get one ounce or 30 grams of lean protein first thing in the morning, so cook up some egg whites, Canadian bacon, and have it with a side of low-fat yogurt and you’re well on your way to a healthy day.

Some Fat Is Okay

Believe it or not, cutting all the fat from your diet can actually backfire! Some fat, such as the unsaturated fat Oleic acid, can actually help battle that hungry feeling. Oleic acid can be found in olive oil, nuts, wheat pasta, and beef & chicken. During digestion, Oleic acid is converted into a compound that will indirectly trigger hunger-curbing signals to your brain. The key to this type of fat (as with anything you eat) is moderation. The American Dietetic Association recommends no more than 20% of your total calorie intake should be from unsaturated fats. Natural peanut butter, one ounce of nuts, or a small portion of beef or chicken is a great source of Oleic acid and will be enough to battle hunger throughout the day.

Hit The Gym jogger

Most people know that dieting and exercise go hand and hand. This next fact will make you want to sweat it out even more: exercising for 60 minutes a day will reduce your appetite. When you exercise, your body increases the output of an appetite-suppressing hormone and decreases its level of the hormone ghrelin, which triggers hunger. The best type of exercise to damper hunger is interval training. Do intense bursts of speed than periods of slow activity speeds or rest and repeat.

Grapefruit Is Your Friend

Remember the grapefruit diets of last decade? Well, they are staging a comeback but in a healthier manner. A study completed by the Nutrition and Metabolic Research Center at the Scripps Clinic in San Diego found that individuals who ate at least a half a grapefruit at meals were able to shed more than 3 and ½ pounds in 3 months. Why is that? Well, grapefruit is able to lower levels of insulin after you eat which helps the body to regulate blood sugar and metabolism, helping you to digest easier and stay fuller longer.

Take SaffroLean

Battling compulsive snacking or overeating can make the process of dieting incredibly stressful, which in turn may cause depression or anxiety. There are a number of emotional behaviors like anxiety, stress, depression, boredom, and even habit that can all create the compulsion to snack or overeat. The dietary supplement SaffroLean helps people address these dieting emotional and behavior factors which in turn helps control snacking. SaffroLean contains the active ingredient Satiereal Saffron, which is the natural substance derived from the same flower as the culinary spice saffron. Satiereal Saffron helps which helps you feel at ease and combats feelings of anxiety and depression. For the majority of people, overeating and unhealthy food cravings decrease when their serotonin levels are higher, making SaffroLean a great daily dietary supplement.

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