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BikingWhile you may be looking for the secret to fast and effective weight loss, it all boils down to a simple formula: burn more calories than you consume. You’ll always lose the most weight in a program that keeps your attention and helps you stay committed to fitness. A truly beneficial weight loss plan will include exercise AND a Saffron Extract Supplement for even more weight loss success.

Even though the safest way to lose weight is slowly and steadily over a long period of time, there are certain exercises that help you burn considerably more calories than other typical activities. By adding some (or all, if you are adventurous) of the following activities to your fitness schedule, you will get the most efficient workout in terms of calories burned.

Cross Country Skiing
Finding it hard to find motivation to exercise in the winter time? Suit up in a pair of cross country skis and a warm outfit and hit the trails. This activity will burn a whopping 1,125 calories and hour at maximum intensity and a still-impressive 545 calories at moderate intensity.

Jump Rope
Yes, you heard right. You old favorite playground activity can burn an amazing amount of calories! If you hit the rope hard, you can burn an outstanding 815 calories an hour. In order to match that with running, you’d have to run 8 miles an hour for the same amount of time. This makes jumping rope a great alternative for individuals who lack endurance for long distance running. Also, jumping rope can be done in a static location without a lot of space. For those of us who lack time and space to exercise at home, jumping rope can create the results you desire without the hassle of getting to a gym.

If skiing doesn’t suit your preferences due to your detest of snow and cold weather, try biking. On average, an individual can burn 700 calories an hour at your local cycling/spinning class, or hop on a bike and ride around your neighborhood or nearest trail. At maximum intensity, you can burn 850 calories per hour. Even if you are just going for a leisurely ride, you can still burn 570 calories and hour at a moderate intensity.

Kickboxing Exercise
If you are looking for a full body workout, look no further than a kickboxing class. Not only will you be working every muscle group, but you’ll be interval training which has shown to produce the best weight loss results. An hour kickboxing class can net you as much as 800 calories burned.

If kickboxing seems too intense, why not try dancing? Thousands of individuals are choosing to get fit to this Latin-inspired dance workout because it doesn’t seem like exercise at all. People choose Zumba classes because they have fun which makes it an easier exercise program to commit to. An hour Zumba class can burn 500 calories or more depending on how hard you work out.

The key to weight loss success is to stay motivated and choose exercise routines that interest you. All of the above exercises are a step above your regular treadmill workout routine, which will help you get the most out of your workout.

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