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Elliptical Vs. TreadmillIf you are thinking of starting a home gym but are wondering what type of equipment you should purchase, you may consider two of the most popular fitness machines available. If you have made a trip to the gym in the past few years, you are probably aware of the elliptical trainer and the treadmill. Cardiovascular workouts are the most effective way to burn calories and reduce excess fat, so if you are wondering which one will be the best choice for your cardio machine, let’s compare:

First, the elliptical was introduced in the 1990’s and then improved in the mid 2000’s. It is great for Non-Impact Conditioning. This machine emulates a running motion without causing the strenuous impact on your joints that occurs on a treadmill, so it’s great for individuals or athletes that need low-impact exercise.

Elliptical MachineMany elliptical machines are now equipped with moveable handles which helps you cross-train and get a full-body workout which is something a treadmill cannot do. Also, many models contain a reverse stride which helps work and tone different muscle groups just by switching directions.

Also, many individuals find that working out on an elliptical machine doesn’t feel as hard or strenuous as pursuing your cardio on a treadmill.  Studies show that people are actually working out harder than they think they are when operating an elliptical. What does that mean in terms of output? You’ll burn the same amount of calories with less effort.

It doesn’t matter if you are young or old; this machine makes it comfortable and easy to work out. The elliptical equipment not only provides a natural feeling work out, but it boasts the ability to produce a more effective means of exercise. By exercising more muscle groups simultaneously, and reducing stress caused to joints due to less impact, it increases the amount of calories burned while needing less exertion compared to that of a treadmill. This means that senior citizens, or people who may have minor injuries, will benefit from using an elliptical trainer versus a treadmill.

One thing a treadmill definitely boasts over an elliptical train is versatility. You may choose a moderately-paced walk or an all-out sprint, or maybe you prefer uphill jogs. Treadmills offer different speeds, training programs, and inclines so you can get a wide range of benefits.

TreadmillA treadmill also offers the weight-bearing affect. Contrary to popular belief, running and walking can help strengthen your bones  and muscles with regular workouts. This will help your posture and sustainability as you get older.

Unfortunately, for individuals who have been injured or older exercisers, treadmills can be tough on joints. Being a high impact workout, running on a treadmill can put stress on your spine, hips, knee, and ankle joints.

So which is better? If you are looking for low-impact, highly efficient workout routines, then an elliptical is the way to go. If you prefer variety and versatility in fitness equipment, then the treadmill may be a better option. In the end it all comes down to preferences and fitness goals.

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